A journey to happiness starring Posie the Penguin

This book was written in one of the most remote and beautiful places on earth, Antarctica.

“This beautifully written rhyming children’s book teaches us about happiness.  In today’s fast paced world people often look outside themselves for validation and for ways to be happier.  In a world where information seems to travel at the speed of light, people often don’t know where to turn for finding happiness. This story tells us exactly where to find happiness. Every time!”

Throughout this book Posie learns that happiness is always where she is,was always where she was, and in fact, that happiness always resides inside.

Supporting Penguin Lifelines

Penguin Lifelines conducts Penguin research and conservation around the Southern Ocean.
Part proceeds from the sale of every book goes towards Penguin Lifelines.

A great little book with a great big message. “We received this book as a gift and have loved reading the story of this intrepid little penguin time and time again!

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